Black Eyed Children: Are They In Michigan as we speak?


You and your friend are driving your mother’s old hand-me-down Chrysler Sebring to the local 24-hour drug store after a long day to pick up some snacks and drinks. You give your friend a reassuring nod and a wave as he leaves the car to get food and drinks, as you sink down to take a quick nap before your friend completes the shopping trip.

You start to dose off, but you are awakened by loud knocking at your driver side door. You adjust your eyes to see two kids, one girl about 6 years old and a boy about 10 years old right outside your car window, dressed in dark hoodies covering their facial features, jeans and sneakers. As you awaken, and wipe the sleep from your eyes, the boy asks in a monotone voice, “Can we be driven to the movie theater? My sister and I would love to enjoy a film. Will you take us?” Puzzled by both the vocal inflections and the choice of words used by the boy, you look at your watch. It is 11:45 in the evening. The theater has been closed for hours, and no children should be out at this hour without an adult. You respond simply with a “no.”  The child becomes agitated. “You must let us into your vehicle or we cannot come in! You must let us in!” Your hand, being controlled by an external force, reaches for the latch and is just about to open it against your will. Filled with dread and glistening with sweat, you look to see the children let down their hoods. You see blank, pale, expressionless features. A blueiah pale, as if they have just walked off of a mortitian’s slab. Even more frighteningly, you see two pairs of jet black eyes. No white, no color, just small, round orbs with nothing but blackness. Out of fear, you snap out of your trance, scream “No!”, and drive away.

Screw your friend. He can walk.

You may think that this is some story I just made up off the top of my head. However, there are many stories like this that have been circling the internet since its early days in the 1990s. Even though some stories differ, they have similarities. One or two small children approach someone while they are alone and vulnerable, asking to use a phone, or to be let into their space. If the person refuses, the kids become angry, and you start to follow their commands as if in a trance before you see their inky, blackened eyes. Many stories exists from people that have stopped themselves. Those who followed through with the kids demands are rarely heard from.




Reports of these children began coming from Texas and Oregon in the mid 1990s, and the British Tabloid magazine The Daily Star ran three front-page stories about sightings in 2014, all of which reportedly took place near Staffordshire, England. However, stories have come from all over the world, including our own state of Michigan. According to, an encounter has taken place at a resort near the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and you can read about it here.

According to Journal For The Bizarre, a drug called Cherry Bomb, a mixture of the anti-diarrheal medicine Lomotil and Red Bull, produces flushed skin, hallucinations, and black eyes caused by swelling of the pupils, covering the sclera at times. While this may explain the appearance and possibly some of the odd behavior of these kids, it doesn’t explain the exact patterns that the bulk of these encounters describe, and it seems highly improbable that this many kids aged 5-12 would be taking hallucinogens like this.

It is also worth noting that these stories may have originated or been inspired by a 1960 British horror film called “Village Of The Damned”, a film that featured extra-terrestrial children, mysteriously born on the same day to women that live in the same village, that manipulate their surroundings using their glowing, discolored eyes. Even though their eyes are not black in the film, many other factors remain intact including sinister behavior and flushed skin. It’s also worth noting that the movie was remade by John Carpenter around the time that the initial reports started to surface on internet chatrooms. Many images that circulate the internet concerning Black Eyed Children are altered images from this movie.

What do you think? Are the Black Eyed Children real? Are they kids on drugs? Are they ghosts or demons? Or are they the product of overactive imaginations? Either way, if you are approached by two creepy looking kids in you car in the middle of the night, you may want to keep the window up and the door locked.


Village Of The Damned


Just in case.




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